What does it take to be the best shipping and packaging in the industry?

Why GOLF Partner?

Standards when it comes to shipping and packaging in the retail industry can vary but at GOLF Partner, we're confident we have the best packaging. To ensure products reach their final destination in the condition they are expecting, we have many steps in place!

Many customers rave about the amazing condition their packages arrived in, do you know why we have so many reviews specifically about our packaging?

Let's start from the beginning! 


Order Checklist and confirmation

Every morning, members of the GOLF Partner team gather all the data of orders submitted and review each order, proceeded by separating them by sales channel to prevent any misplacements of products. Once separated, the products needed to fulfill each order is hand picked by a team member and organized for the packer. Unlike AI or automated services, our members handle all the products carefully and gently to prevent any damage during preparation.

Cleaning and safe packing

Once the products have been organized for the packer, the packer will start by reviewing the order details to ensure that what was picked, matches the order. We hardly ever get claims of the wrong product being sent thanks to the patience and precision of our staff members! Once the order details have been verified and confirmed, the packer first begins by cleaning the club, grip to head, so that customers receive a clean and disinfected club. Regardless of whether the club is new or used, they receive a shiny club, ready to play out-of-the-box. 

The club is then wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the club during travel. Not convinced? We take it even further by using double walled cardboard boxes and custom made inserts to prevent the product from shaking and moving inside the box.

If you're wondering how we pack iron sets, each iron undergoes the same procedure but wrapped individually to prevent the irons from damaging one another in transit! As we use pictures to display the condition of each product on our listings, it is important that products shipped from our warehouse are delivered in the same condition to meet expectations and prevent any disappointments.

Did you know we leave a hand written thank you note on the inner flap of every single package? Rather than leave a printed note, our staff members want to thank every single customer for using GOLF Partner for their golfing needs. We not only carefully handle products, but also send off each package with a feeling of gratitude. 

What are the final steps?

Once packaging is completed, it is weighed then brought over to another team member for label printing.
Once all the package labels have been printed, they are then transferred to a crate to transport over to the shipping dock where we hand off the load to a FedEx representative.

Wait! It doesn't end there. FedEx Japan takes extra care when handling packages and make sure that nothing is dropped, shaken, or damaged during transport. Japan is renowned for its impeccable customer service and has become a standard in almost every industry in the world! Staffed with polite and most hospitable employees, customers in America are guaranteed satisfaction of shipping speed and conditions of the packages.

Next time you receive a package, we encourage our customers to compare how we package our products to other online retailers of 2nd hand goods! Let us know how we did on forums or reviews! 

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