GOLF Partner and The Rise to Success

If you're like most people, you may think GOLF Partner only exists in the US and don't know the history and dedication it took to get where we are today! In this blog post, we will discuss the accomplishments and deep history of GOLF Partner, from breaking world records to forming a contract with the #1 LPGA player in the world!

Who and What is GOLF Partner?

Have you shopped for golf clubs and thought everything was too expensive? GOLF Partner is the world's largest golf chain store in the world and is focused on providing customers easier access to what most would consider an expensive sport. To do so, GOLF Partner sells second hand/pre-owned clubs and secures a dominant market share through a more robust stocking of secondhand goods than competitors. With such a variety of used clubs to choose from, golfers just starting out in the sport can purchase clubs that are normally out of their desired price range. The goal is to make golf a more casual sport that anyone can enjoy, whether it be alone, or with friends and family!

But What About How We Got Here?

GOLF Partner was established in 1999 and by 2000, launched sales of original golf clubs! When 2002 came around, we signed a business alliance agreement with GOLF Digest Online. By 2006 we had 1.5 million point card members and launched "NEXGEN", a GOLF Partner private brand. Fast forward to 2018 where we open our first store in Korea and in 2019 we expanded business to the US with our online store! With many other accomplishments and a strong presence in the golf market, records were broken... 

What Records Appear On Guinness?

GOLF Partner has the record for most golf chain stores in the world, 410 stores as of November 2022 as well as the record for most used golf clubs sold in one year! By opening more stores, buying more clubs from golf lovers for resale, we hope that more people are given the opportunity to discover the wonder of quality used golf clubs. 

World Records Are Nice, But Why Should You Trust Us?

GOLF Partner only carries 100% authentic goods! As professionals in the golf retail industry, we pride ourselves in ensuring quality and authenticity. We strive for excellence and fight to end imitations so they do not end up in your hands! All products undergo a rigorous inspection process before pictures are taken to be listed, for more details follow this link here

So You've Heard About Proto Concept!

If you didn't know, Proto Concept is a collaboration between Japanese owned GOLF Partner and golf behemoth Endo Manufacturing, the industry standard in precision club manufacturing that is used by many of the world's best-known OEMs. You may have heard about Proto Concept if you have been watching the LPGA closely! Lydia Ko, #1 LPGA player, began using Proto Concept Irons at the suggestion of her club fitter and got results, immediately.

Lydia Ko

Shortly thereafter, she signed an endorsement agreement with Proto Concept and GOLF Partner USA! If you're interested on how you can get your hands on Proto Concept clubs, follow the link here to checkout the website!