Condition Guide

Our golf clubs are thoroughly checked and graded to ensure you know exactly what you are getting.
We have a particularly vigorous grading system for head condition.


Condition You Would Say... Details
N - Brand New Yes! I got a brand new club!
  • No scratch marks, even upon extremely close inspection in the sunlight
  • Never been used, still covered in shrink wrap
A - Like New clun_condition_aOh, it doesn’t look like “used”!
  • Cannot see any scratch marks unless you look very closely under sunlight
  • Looks almost brand new with traces of limited previous use
  • 1 or 2 marks upon close inspection
  • Shines like brand new
B - Very Good club_condition_bAll right, I don’t care about just a few scratches.
  • Normal ball marks, none very deep, large, or noticeable when addressing the ball
  • Some small marks and light streaks, but none that would affect performance of the club
  • Looks good overall with a nice shine
C - Good club_condition_cIt’s a little bit dirty, but that’s what a used golf club is!
  • Many light scratches you can see and feel
  • Ball marks noticeable on its face
  • Paint slightly peeled off in places but not to a large degree
  • Logo may be fading slightly
  • Has lost some of its shine
D - Average club_condition_dI just wanted to try a different club at a low price.
  • Many deep, noticeable scratches, including ones that could catch your nail
  • Significant paint loss
  • Engraving significantly faded
  • Loss of shine
  • Surface material is fading, can see the undercoat in parts
  • Engraving is fading
  • Beginning to rust


Condition Keyword Details
N - Brand New Brand New. Carbon or Steel
  • Never been used, or looks as if it's never been used.
A - Like New Signs of previous use only visible upon close inspection. Carbon
  • Almost spotless. Some light marks on the surface only visible upon close inspection. Some scratches from rubbing against inside of caddy bag.
  • Many small scratches. Some signs of rust, but easily removable.
B - Very Good Signs of previous use fairly visible. Carbon
  • Some light scratches, but still looks good. Looks as though it may have been hit with a club.
  • Many small scratches. Rusty, but removable with something abrasive or your nail.
C - Good Signs of previous use extremely visible. Carbon or Steel
  • Shaft has been extended or shortened.
  • Many clearly visible scratches. Some paint loss, but not enough to see the carbon inside.
  • Most of the rust can be removed by using a cutter blade or abrasive.


Condition Keyword Details
No Marks Brand New. Covered in shrink wrap. Never been used, or looks as if it's never been used.
Excellent Condition No problems that would affect performance. Nice tight grip. Overall good condition. Cord may be starting to fray slightly or be slightly dirty. May have slight indentation from fingers.
Fair Condition Some problems that might affect performance. Some grip loss. Cord significantly frayed. Distinct indentation from fingers. Grip beginning to harden.