NEXGEN Irons, Golf's Super-Game-Improvement Irons


We are pleased to announce that in our first time as part of the competition, Nexgen Golf’s NS210 irons made the Golf Digest Hot List in the Super-Game-Improvement category.

The irons earned Silver status in the category, which is designed to identify irons for higher handicap golfers seeking to maximize their performance and their enjoyment of the game. 


What's so special about the clubs? 

In its analysis of the NS210 irons, Golf Digest pointed out the club’s large pocket-cavity construction and its stainless-steel heads, which allow for “a complex internal structure that includes thinning the sole at the leading edge so that this common impact area flexes, resulting in more distance on shots struck low on the face.”

The article noted that the stock shaft that comes with the NS210s is the Nippon Shaft N.S. Pro 850GH Neo lightweight (88 grams) steel shaft, which has a mid kick-point that is “ideal” for higher handicap players.


What we think and what is our goal?

“Nexgen Golf is proud to have had our NS210 irons recognized in the Super- Game-Improvement category by Golf Digest’s Hot List,” said Yasufumi Kawasaki, a managing executive partner of Golf Partner Japan, which owns Nexgen Golf. “We design and manufacture our clubs to the highest quality standards for golfers who want to play their best and maximize their enjoyment of the game.”

New to the U.S. market, Nexgen clubs also will have a new model for its retail and wholesale distribution. Clubs will be sold through Smiling Ducks, Inc. with interested customers asked to email

Prices are: $129 each for head only; $160 each for a complete club with the Nippon Shaft N.S. Pro 850GH Neo, and $170 each for a complete club with a graphite shaft.

We launched the Nexgen brand into the Japanese market in 2006 to fill a category of clubs that would serve the needs of golfers seeking optimal distance and performance at an appealing price. Based on Nexgen’s success in Japan, we decided to bring the product to the North American market.