GOLF Partner, The Largest Used Golf Equipment Retailer In The World!

How do we have such a vast inventory? 

As some of you may know, GOLF Partner is from Japan and slowly making it's way across different countries in hopes of providing more golfers an affordable yet reliable source for all of their golfing needs.

Our goal is to make golf a sport for everyone whether it be beginners, amateurs, or those who simply want to grab some clubs to play with friends or those looking to step their game up. GOLF Partner continues to open more stores which gives golf lovers an outlet to sell their used equipment so that others have the opportunity to discover the wonder of quality used golf products. With this available option, customers all over Japan and different countries have the luxury of approaching golf as a causal sport that won't break the bank.

Thanks to the many locations available all over the country, our inventory is continuously growing, roughly around 550,000 products between all store fronts; The best clubs of this inventory are picked to be designated as products available for customers in the US through GOLF Partner USA. 

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How many stores do you have? 

Currently, there are 421 locations in Japan, 3 stores in Thailand, 5 stores in South Korea, 1 store in Singapore, and 3 stores in Malaysia!

This number will continue to grow as we expand and we hope to land in your city next! With so many stores located across Japan and different countries, golfers are offered the opportunity to sell their equipment or trade it in for an upgrade. That means less clutter at home, and more options for those looking for the right club!

Thanks to the constant flow of new inventory coming into GOLF Partner, shoppers or those browsing will find more options at GOLF Partner than any other retailer in the world, something that was certified by Guinness (the largest number of used golf clubs sold in one year & the largest number of golf stores). 


Where else can I go for golf clubs? 

If you were looking for more or a bigger store with the latest tech, try visiting the PGA Tour Superstore next! The PGA Tour Superstore is a golf theme park managed by GOLF Partner for all golf lovers, which was created with the concept of, "I want to play golf right now" in mind. Here, we offer rooms to try out and compare different clubs with ballistic measurements to ensure you get a club that's unique to your characteristics; Finding the right club for yourself is more than desire, having the right equipment to measure your abilities will help you find the right match.

Whether it be your next club or just browsing, GOLF Partner and the PGA Tour Superstore are your best options.  


What's the latest news? 

Did you know Proto Concept and NEXGEN are GOLF Partner original brands?

If you aren't familiar, Lydia Ko recently took 1st place in the LPGA rankings to win the CME Group Tour Championship with Proto-Concept Irons in her golf bag. She is contracted with GOLF Partner USA and has renewed the contract; Shortly after, she won the Aramco Saudi Ladies International.

If you want to continue getting updates on Lydia Ko's progress throughout the year or more news regarding the latest releases, be sure to subscribe to stay up to date! 

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