What's so special about the pictures on our website?


GOLF Partner believes in prioritizing complete transparency and providing customers with the best experience. For our online store, this starts with pictures! Simply pointing a camera and taking pictures isn't enough, so what makes us so special?


Each club is inspected, cleaned, and photographed with the latest technology and specialized equipment to capture all the nicks, dents, wear, tear, and imperfections. Customers now have the ability to check the condition carefully before making a purchase. Still not enough? We have rating systems so that you can filter through our products to find the best match that fits your budget. Although we could sell used clubs with stock pictures, customers would then be gambling with their money, for a questionable product.




Why should I purchase from GOLF Partner?

Unlike our competitors, all of our listings are 100% authentic and accurate. Original content and pictures provide an experience that's geared to connect with our customers; to gain trust is an essential part of business and a way to build a community where shoppers can feel safe. We have over 10,000 listings and all listings have actual pictures of the product! 



Did you know the Federal Trade Commission reported that in 2021, consumers reported a loss of 5.8 billion to fraud? Quite a number that we can happily say, are not GOLF Partner customers. At GOLF Partner, products are rigorously inspected for authenticity by professionals that perform various steps on a vast inventory of 550,000 clubs. Customers now have access to the biggest inventory in the world, right at their fingertips, and can shop with peace of mind. Want to learn more about the inspection process? Follow the link here.



Our dedication

Pictures of actual products on our listings are just the tip of the iceberg. We excel in packaging and shipping, customer service, and handling of products. Bringing the best products starts with us and we hope to continue to be the partner in your golf life!