TaylorMade’s SIM2 Added to USGA’s Conforming Club List

TaylorMade SIM2 Added To USGA's Conforming ClubList

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The SIM2, SIM2 MAX, and SIM2 MAX D were added to the USGA’s compatibility list and are legal for play in tournaments and official rounds of golf.

In 2020, Keegan Bradley was using the SIM MAX D, but there is little need for a draw-bias model on the tour.


TaylorMade SIM2


TaylorMade "SIM2" Driver Series-What's New?

If you look at this USGA image, it might not be immediately clear what kind of improvements TaylorMade has made to its aerodynamic "Shape in Motion (SIM for short)". But if we take a deeper look, we can see the changes made to this new release is within the technology.

As you can see in the image, both models of the "SIM2" driver have a "sliding weight" adjustment. The trailing edges and weights on the front may only be for swing-weight adjustment.

So for the 2021 TaylorMade SIM2 drivers, they do not have a movable weight adjustment.


TaylorMade "SIM2" Driver-Weight Is Not Important

Of course, there will be many drivers that do not have a movable weight adjustment. However, when I think about it, out of all the major drivers that TaylorMade has released for each year, "R5" may be the last, major driver without it.

It's important to realize that a TaylorMade driver with no moving parts is a big deal, especially for a brand that has established itself as the top weight adjustment developer for over 10 years.


So why is there no weight?

I will have to confirm with TaylorMade, but it is reasonable to think that the brand has sacrificed the adjustment to improve the performance for a wider audience.
And including the weight adjustment comes at a cost.

In order to have a moveable weight function, it is necessary for the club to be structured to support the weight, and the structures often take up weight (It may also produce unpleasant sounds).

For this time, TaylorMade is trying to make "SIM2" an impactful driver by making it “simple,” as Cobra’s "LTD" driver. Even this simple driver brings users power, speed, and forgiveness without the weight adjustment.

This model will have a lower center of gravity than other TaylorMade drivers, and the standard "SIM2" driver is a low-spin model.


TaylorMade Sim2 Max


Loft up?

Even though TaylorMade does not preach golfers to “loft-up” anymore, ball speed, high launch angle, and low ball spin for increasing flight distance remain the same for these drivers.

It’s true that an ultra-low spin driver might not suit all golfers, (although I think that "SIM2 MAX" is a low to medium spin model compared to other drivers in the market) I expect that most players are able to handle and get used to the low spin it produces.



The TaylorMade "SIM2" driver is a unique club, and in my opinion, it is one of the drivers that produce great “speed” in all 2021 drivers, and arguably one of the "lowest ball spin" producing drivers.

And, while it may sound funny, I love this driver more than others in part due to the lack of the moveable weight adjustment!

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