PRO-AM Tournament organized by GOLF Partner!

PRO-AM Tournament organized by GOLF Partner!


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From May 18-21, the "GOLF Partner PRO-AM Tournament" will be held again at the Toride Kokusai Golf Club in Tsukubamirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture!

[Live broadcast] 5/21 3:30PM (PST)

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What is "Golf Partner PRO-AM Tournament"?

 "GOLF Partner PRO-AM Tournament" is Japan's first PRO/Amateur style men's tournament. In January 2022, we held a qualifying event in which amateur golfers from all over the country entered and the top 300 winners were selected to participate in the main tournament (qualifying round and final round).

"GOLF Partner PRO-AM Tournament" is an unprecedented tournament in Japan, where amateur golfers who have won the preliminary round can play and compete against professionals on the same field! 

Amateur qualifying rounds are held at 30 different venues nationwide. 240 doubles and 60 scratch players can participate in this tournament.


Amateur Qualifying


National Final Tournament


What is "Doubles Match"

Competing with "Foreball method" rules, the best score of every hole between members of each team will be used to get the final result.

We recommend this style of competition for those who are familiar and enjoy the course as well as those looking to compete! As a team competition, even if you are worried about your own score, you can aim for the final rounds together with your friend, family or significant other.


What is "Scratch Match"

This is for those who have competed in the past. It is a tournament where individuals compete and skills are put to the test. In the main tournament, you get the opportunity to see players who passed the qualifying rounds up close. 

This style tournament that Japan adopted, has always been popular and was first held in 1937, on the PGA Tour.  This is now known as the "AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Ama", which will be held every February for men and women to compete. 

There are a total of 128 professionals participating in this tournament. Once the two-day qualifying round has concluded, about 60 people will compete in the final round. The main difference in this years "GOLF Partner Pro-AM Tournament", is that a group consisting of 2 professionals and 2 amateurs, will make their rounds together during the 4 days. 

During the qualifying rounds for professionals, held on the first and second day, two amateurs from the doubles game will play one day with the pros.
On the third day of the final round and last day, 60 amateurs will advance to the scratch game, where they will split into groups consisting of 2 amateurs and 2 professionals and play with the professionals for two days.