【MIZUNO SURE DD MI】One Length Multi Irons, Jammed Packed With Game-Changing Features


SURE DD’s ease of hitting is one powerful feature

For this article, we would like to introduce you to Golf Partner and Mizuno’s SURE DD. This brand, SURE DD, first came out with a fairway wood, which came with lofts of 15°, 18°, and 21°. The main feature is the easiness of hitting. As the only visible difference is the loft angles of each club, surprisingly, the length of the shafts and the size of the heads are all the same. Speaking of one-length golf clubs, American pro golfer Bryson Dechambeau is famous for using them. Since the SURE DD irons are all the same length, you don’t have to change your address position. However, the balls’ carry will still be affected by the different loft angles. It is a pretty neat idea, isn’t it? In the second edition, the 56° wedge was released. The wide sole and the big head helps reduce shot errors.

Today, we will be testing out third edition MIZUNO SURE DD MI clubs, a multi iron set of 3.


They look similar to a fairway club, as the heads are shaped similar to a utility club. Surprisingly, these are neither the fairway nor the utility, but the MI, or the multi-iron. Then why is it that they are called irons? It is possibly because there are not exactly any regulations regarding the naming of clubs. When held, they feel more like fairway-woods than utility clubs. There is a 4° loft difference for each of these clubs: #5 is 23°, #6 is 27°, and #7 is 31°.


So Why Iron?

Why are these clubs called irons? Reason: they all have the same length of 38.25 inches.

They all have the same length of 38.25 inches.

The length of the clubs is the same as most 5-irons available nowadays. I believe that they are calling them the multi-iron due to the fact that the lengths are the same. At the address, it is the same as the 5-iron, but when I am in my stance, the head weighs like a 7-iron. When I take my stance with the 31° #7, the face of the club faces upwards to the point that it feels like the ball will just automatically travel in that direction every hit. This feature is the same as the SURE DD fairway, but because the lengths are the same for all three, the address is the same. This is truly an advantage towards the performance for most people, since many people struggle with changing addresses when they change their clubs. These clubs really evoke what it means to be a one length iron set.

The overall feel of ease

From the large head and short shaft length to its overall feel of ease, the Mizuno SURE DD MI clubs sure are packed with helpful elements to boost your performance.


With a Jaw that Lifts the Ball Even if You Top it

With a Jaw that Lifts the Ball Even if You Top it

The main feature of the utility clubs is the leading edge which is formed outwards, resulting in a larger loft angle. When it comes to using these utility clubs, you need to always keep in mind how you use this feature as it will affect your performance. Similar to a fairway wood, the clubs with bigger and outward leading edges tend to get in the way when you drive. By swinging as if you are sweeping it, the leading edge will pick up the ball nicely for you, even when you hit the top half of the ball.



Let’s take a swing at the 23° #5. The length is the same as a 5-iron. This is very comfortable! I lowered the head speed to 34, and it traveled 160 yards. It feels like I am hitting it with a 7-iron. This feels really good!


The headspeed is 34 and it traveled 180 yards. Hitting it 180 yards with a 5-iron is pretty difficult. Since the ball traveled extremely high and had a spin rate of 4,756 rpm, it will stay put where it lands when it hits the green. Overall, the ball travels high with ease. It's very nice. Let's swing some more.

Topped it but 193.6 yards

I topped the ball and it traveled 193.6 yards. It seems like the ball travels well even if I top it due to the leading edge. Let’s try to copy the previous swing again and top the ball. It traveled 185 yards. It seems like the traveling distance and the carry of the ball is consistent.



Next, let’s swing with the 27° #6. I have a feeling that this one will send the ball flying, just like the last one. I duffed the ball, but it traveled high. Let’s try this one out. This is very comfortable. You don’t even need to think about anything. The #5 was approximately 185 yards, so #6 is 176 yards since it is divided by 10 yards.


Based on the feel when I hit the ball, it feels like I am using a wedge rather than a 7-iron. I am astonished by the stiffness of the EXSAR shaft, which was created by Mizuno with the help of GOLF Partner.

 I am astonished by the stiffness of the EXSAR shaft, which was created by Mizuno with the help of GOLF Partner.

The grip is very nice in your hands. I am taking another swing. It just feels like I’m swinging a wedge. I just love how comfortable it is.



Lastly, I will swing with the #7. At first glance, you can see how the face is upwards. Whoa! It went so high! 157 yards. I duffed a little, but it is amazing how easy it is to let the ball get off the ground. That was nice. . It went about 160 yards.


Now that's a #7. The lay-up is approximately 10~15 yards. Now, what I learned when I used this one was that the part of the sole is starting to look like a field.

Because the contact area is smaller than usual, you are able to use this on many different lies.

Because the contact area is smaller than usual, you are able to use this on many different lies.

Because the contact area is smaller than usual, you are able to use it on different lies

There are many lies that exist in golf courses. Therefore, this will be beneficial when you come across somewhat of a difficult lie.


The SURE DD MI “carries” the ball

It feels like a wedge. It will not make you feel like you want the ball to travel extremely far. In the market today,  “distance irons” are popular in the market, but an iron which sends the ball high before stopping where it lands on the green is the best. If you get used to this #7, the ball will travel between 150 yards and 160 yards, and land it on the green. For me, I hit it lightly and traveled about 150 yards. It is too light to hit it for extreme distance, so if you want to use it well, what you need to do is to hit it as if you are “carrying” the ball instead of hitting it with impact. If you do that, the club and the ball will handle the rest. Even if you top it, there will not be a problem as long as you “carry” it. Did you hear the sound of the impact? The ball traveled 180 yards with that sound.


Since the length are the same, I recommend you use all three

These clubs are often misjudged, with opinions in the golf community such as, “I want to use clubs that will make me a better golfer” or “Golfing is all about the enjoyment of using clubs that are challenging to use.” I have no problem with people who think that way. I, however, believe that there are many people out there who get beat by their own clubs. If you experience any uncertainty whether you are hitting your shots well, or if the ball will travel far, try using these three clubs. You can also purchase one of the three, but since I explained before about the length being the same, I recommend you to purchase all three to take advantage of this unique feature and improve your game.

Since the length are the same, I recommend you use all three

I usually say that if you get indecisive of the number of clubs you want to purchase, just buy them all. Obviously, these are not made for every golfer’s liking. For people who have mixed feelings about the shaft or the leading edge, try them first. The strength of us at Golf Partner is our ability to sell used clubs for a high price. You buy it, try it, and if you do not like it, sell it, and buy another. I always think that it is just like the idea of not knowing how a car is until you drive it. I want you to understand how well designed these clubs are by trying them yourself at the course or the range. Go ahead and try them as the course. If it feels right, keep using them. If not, you can always sell them back for a high price.

Try them at the course and see the results with your own eyes!

With this shape, the fact that it is called an iron is surprising, but what makes the SURE DD MI, what differentiates it from all of the other clubs out there, is the concept of the same lengths, the large head size, and the leading edge that will send the ball into the air with ease. Try them at the course and see the results with your own eyes!


Mark Kanai (Golf Club Analyst)
Mark Kanai was born on September 16, 1958, in Osaka. He is 6 feet tall and has A blood type. After working as an editor for a golf magazine, he switched to freelance. He has tested over 5,000 golf clubs. With his expertise and as a single digit handicapper, his golf club trials and reports are published both in magazines and online.