Callaway’s Brand New 2021 Model, Epic

Callaway Epic 2021
Callaway Epic 2021


The AI face evolved from the last one! ??

Let’s see how it affects ball flight?

The first thing that surprised me was when I took a look at the sole, there were four dots! Up until now, there were only two "pillars" in the JAILBREAK, but now it seems like there are four! What all three models have in common is the AI face and JAILBREAK technology, which seem to have evolved from the previous model.


Callaway Epic 2021

Epic Speed


I tried the Diamana 50 S shaft with a loft of 9.0 °. The handle is pretty solid but the middle part is flexible. My first impression is it is "easy to control". When I swung it at HS 43.5 m/s, the ball went 259.5 yds. Surprisingly the initial velocity of the ball was 64.6 m/s! The flight distance should be longer on the course. 

Epic Max


I tried the Diamana 40 S shaft with a loft of 10.5 °. As you can see, the length of the head is long, so the moment of inertia is greater and the center of gravity is high. There is an adjustable weight behind the sole.

It's very easy to hit. I feel the size of the sweet spot. Even if the weight position is normal, it is a club that clearly "grabs onto the ball". When I swung at HS 42.4 m/s, the initial velocity of the ball was 62.9 m/s and went 254.1 yds.

Epic Max Ls


There is also a weight adjustment feature behind the sole. I assume the "LS" is probably a newer SUB ZERO. I tried the TENSEI 55 S shaft with a loft of 9.0 °which the lower half of it is flexible. When you hold the club, you can see how the "face" has a great look. I’m able to hit some strong shots. When I swung it at HS 42.7 m/s, the initial velocity of the ball was 63.5 m/s and went 259.9 yds. But when I tried it out, I found that it was "totally different from the SUB ZERO". This is a club that can grab onto the ball, and hit some power shots.


General Comment

Mark Kanai

What all three models have in common is that they have great initial velocities. There are clubs that take time to get used to and clubs that do not, but EPIC is a practical example showing ease of use. I was easily able to get used to the club from the beginning of the morning on the course. Callaway used an AI to test out these models, but it feels like they have done a lot of human testing as well.

EPIC SPEED has a small head and high controllability. It is a club that you can depend on for good scores in outings. If you want to take advantage of the moment of inertia to really get a carry on your shot, you should choose the EPIC MAX. If you want the "one-shot jump" different from the EPIC, you should choose the EPIC MAX LS.

While the differences between all of them are clear, I'd like you to try it out at the store and find yourself a model that suits you the best.


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