2021 TaylorMade New Product Launch!

TaylorMade Sim2
TaylorMade Sim2


SIM2 is the successor to the original SIM, a model that surprised the golf world in 2020. TaylorMade has announced that they have launched the SIM2!

With its twist face and inertia generator, new material is used for the rear portion of the head.

In 2020, I’ve been using the SIM MAX-D driver the most, so I'm really looking forward to seeing the improvements of the SIM2! The first thing that catches my eye is the emerald blue coloring. Just like every TaylorMade model, it has a beautiful design. What surprised most me was the aluminum used for the rear portion of the head! Let’s see how this affects ball flight!


TaylorMade Sim2


TaylorMade Sim2


Limited Model in select stores 

I tried using it with the S shaft of TENSEI SILVER TM 50 with a loft of 9.0 °. This shaft is solid. The SIM2 driver is designed for straight-driveability rather than making solid contact. When I swung at HS 42.6 m/s, the initial velocity of the ball was 62.4 m/s and went 254.4 yds. The spin rate was 2020, which is considered a low spin. My impression of the club is that the club has evolved from the SIM by putting more power into your swing, the faster the ball will jump.



TaylorMade Sim2 Max

I tried the S shaft of TENSEI BLUE TM 50 with it and a loft of 10.5 °. Since the weight behind the head is 24g, the center of gravity is deep, which means your shot will have a higher launch angle. Because of the twisted face, the flight distance hardly drops even if it hits the heel. I also feel the moment of inertia well. When I swung at HS 42.9 m/s, the initial velocity of the ball was 62.0 m/s and went 251.2 yds. The ball flight is high, so it's a perfect club if you want your ball to carry.



TaylorMade Sim2 Max D
I tried the SIM2 Max D with the TENSEI BLUE TM 50 SR shaft and a loft of 10.5 °. Because it is the D (D= DRAW), you will have better control of your shot. When I swung it at HS 42.5 m/s, the ball's initial velocity was 62.1 m/s and went 251.6 yards. The large head has a characteristic that is difficult for the clubface to grab onto the ball with certainty, however, if you adjust and move your focus on the clubface for it to connect to the ball, it can certainly latch on! You will feel the return of the club head on impact. I connected the S shaft of TOUR AD HD-5 onto the SIM MAX-D (the old model) and the ball flew 263.3 yds!


General Comment

Mark Kanai Comment
I was using the SIM MAX-D before, but I’m shocked as I’ve never thought it would evolve this much in just a year. These three models have completely different characteristics, so you won't have trouble choosing which one to purchase. However, you won't know until you use it, so please try it at a store!
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